Corporate solutions in Netherland

Register a company in Netherlands with professional assistance. We cover various corporate solutions including accountancy and document preparation.

Registration solutions in Netherlands

Comprehensive services in the field of business registration and registration of a legal entity in Netherlands. Our lawyers will help you enter the market, register a company in a foreign jurisdiction, comply with all new regulatory acts. Moreover, we provide services for the registration of a virtual office, trademark, brand name, patent, and intellectual property in Netherlands. 

Company registration

Given the state’s interest in a transparent and continuously developing investment climate on its territory, according to local legislation, the registration of a business in the Netherlands Is not burdened with complicated requirements. Register a company in the Netherlands, and get advice on all matters of registering a company.

Virtual office registration

A virtual office in Netherlands with a permanently present employee may well be the solution to the problem of a shortage of funds at the initial stage of the formation of your company in Netherlands.

Legal address

Every company in Netherlands requires a legal address. The legal address where your business correspondence is sent, and it is also considered that the board of the given company is located at this address, documents are stored, and the company is managed. Our company also provides a legal address in Netherlands.

Trademark registration

If you want to register a trademark in Netherlands, our lawyers are ready to provide you with high-quality legal assistance regarding the registration and protection of your rights.

Brand-name registration

Brand naming is professional development of the name of a brand, product, service. Such a name is assigned to your product, it serves the needs of the business: it reveals brand positioning, attracts the attention of consumers, and is remembered by customers. Our company will help you register your name brand in Netherlands.

Patent registration

The issuance of a patent takes place in several stages: Application filing, examination, the publication of the application, decision to grant a patent. We will be glad to help you with patenting inventions.

Intellectual-property registration

Registration of copyright for intellectual property allows the legal systems of states to protect it using copyright, patent and related rights, franchising, trademarks, etc. We know how to register your intellectual property in Netherlands and we will be happy to help with this.

Business solutions

Our company provides various solutions for register company, legal address, business, trademark and many more in the Netherlands. Contact us and submit your needs.

Business opportunities in Netherlands

We provide a full range of services for the registration of intellectual property in Netherlands. We will register your business promptly. We will inform you and give you our recommendations regarding registration in Netherlands. Besides, our company guarantees the confidentiality of information, according to the principles of professional ethics.

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